Voices for Climate

"Climate Change is Real Take Climate Action"

Together we are uniting for climate action

Take Climate Action

People Working with Us

In 2017 an aspiration to create inspirational advocacy and communication linkages between the country components led to the creation of the “Programatic Communication Platform” The PCP is now a sustained facility anchored under the current programme with participants from seven organizations from the two sets of consortiums in Mozambique, ADEL Sofala Mozambique, Osienala Kenya, Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development, CREP Kenya, TaTEDO Tanzania, Umande Trust Kenya and Sustainable Energy Denmark.


We are taking small steps to make earth better planet

Programmatic Communication Platform is born out of a realization that working with communication on trans boundary issues like climate change and climate action provides a unique opportunity for CSOs to meet across borders to discuss effective ways and means to advocate for both local and global climate action

Our Key Message

Contributing to sustainable development by amplifying voices of citizens in rural and urban communities (Right holders) through advocating for better climate change action from Government and civil servants (Duty bearers) to take climate action by creating awareness on need for poverty-oriented adaptation and mitigation of climate change

Duty Bearer

Our future is in your hands, take climate action. We urge Decision makers to implement mitigations and adaptation measures put in place in the National Determined Contributions (NDCs) to reduce emissions within the Paris Agreement

Right Holders

Climate change is real, take climate action. Every person has a duty to cooperate with the state to protect and conserve the environment and the country's natural resources to ensure sustainable development

Civil Society

Standup, demand climate action. Civil Society Organizatios unite and speak as one strong voice. Raise awareness for poverty - oriented adaptation and mitigation

Private Sector

Climate change affects all, Non-state actors ensure that local resources are mobilized for the vulnerable. Ensure their needs are considered in the implementation of adaptation and mitigation strategies


Climate change poses existential challenges to our people and our planet. Your response to it offers tremendous opportunity for growth and innovation if we work together

Future Generation

Your passion and determination on climate change initiatives around the globe have contributed a lot to the climate action we see today. Arise and take climate action. Leave no one behind