“Climate change is real take climate action” 

Our Key Message

Duty Bearer

Our future is in your hands, take climate action. We urge Decision makers to implement mitigations and adaptation measures put in place in the National Determined Contributions NDC s to reduce emissions within the Paris agreement

Right Holders

Climate change is real, take climate action. Every person has a duty to cooperate with the State to protect and conserve the environment and the country’s Natural Resources. Ensure sustainable development

Civil Society

Stand up. Demand climate action. Civil Society Organization unite and speak as one strong voice. Raise awareness for poverty-oriented adaptation and mitigation

Private Sector

Climate change affects all. Non- state actors ensure that local resources are mobilized for the vulnerable. Ensure their needs are considered in implementation of adaptation and mitigation strategies

Our Success Stories

Anne Okello -

After attending my first PCP workshop in Nairobi early 2020, it came to my realization that social media is a very important tool which if used properly can have a huge impact on our activities and can help in disseminating information on matters climate change. During the process I was able to learn some few things like how to use twitter which I had no information can help influence decision makers and can have huge traffic. I went back to my organization and shared what I learnt and the first thing they did was to create time for climate change issues once a week on our radio station. While working under the platform, I was given another opportunity to document climate change issues. My area of interest was water pollution along the Lake Victoria basin. The situation on the ground was terrible and I realized a gap which video communication could fil……. read more!….. 

Africa is highlighted as the most vulnerable continent to the adverse impacts of climate change. This is because of economies of the African countries, including the East African Community  (EAC) partners and Mozambique are generally dependent on natural resources and climate. Poverty and climate change are among the most pressing challenges globally. The Paris Agreement set the goal to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 Degrees above the pre-industrial level and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 Degrees above preindustrial levels. The communication alliance aims to strengthen each other and develop new and innovative approaches to influence decision-makers to take climate action  

Stories of Impact

Water Hyacinth In Lake Victoria

Our mothers, sisters and brothers spend most part of time in water, buying and selling fish in Wang chieng ward. As a result of climate change, Lake Victoria back flow and water hyacinth has taken a toll on our people

Prolonged Drought in Magude Mozambique

Prolonged drought and the lack of water obstruct the agricultural production in Magude, Mozambique.

Human Wild life conflict in Oldonyo Orok

Elephants have imposed a dusk to dawn curfew to the residents of Oldonyo Orok location in search for water and food. The local community is now living in fear and would like @kwskenya @GOK to come to their rescue to ensure lives are safeguarded.

Drip Irrigation Technology

Grow—Build—Live—Sustain, Drip irrigation technology can support farmers adapt to Climate Change as it provides effecient use of water supply during droughts. Farmers will protect healths and save lives if they embrace this CC adaptation practice

Water Crisis in Nguvane

Climate change contributes to a water crisis in Nguvane, Magude district in Mozambique. Local communities drink this cloudy water

Agroforestry Adaptation

Agroforestry has a great potential as a climate change adaptation solution,enabling farmers to prepare for the impacts of CC. @mhac .The system increases farmers’ resilience and ability to cope with extreme weather events.

"Together we are united for climate action"


What do you know about climate change?

The diminishing wetlands of Manguo

"Duty Bearers’ key in propelling Climate Change adaptation"

Climate Change Intervention in Soroti Uganda

Over the years, the dry season has become increasingly hotter and drier. Rainfall is more erratic. Farmers are becoming aware of the changing weather pattern, but have limited information on effective strategies for adapting to the changes. Many farmers in Soroti are pondering on the climatic changes that seem to be eating away their livelihood. Their leaders are not silent either. Bye laws have been enacted as well as integrating climate change activities in development plans. Mobilization, sensitization and enforcement are a good mix for climate action to take place.The Local Council 5 chairperson (District Chairperson) Mr. George Michael Egunyu keeps a stern warning to persons who encroach wetlands” Keep the wetlands for wetlands. Avoid living near the swamps, so that when the floods come they do not affect many people. Stop cutting trees. Plant more trees.”, he states. He shows off a copy of a draft bye law entitled” Presentation of the draft forest management and tree planting Ordinance to the district Executive Committee Meeting”; he adds that