In 2017 an aspiration to create an inspirational advocacy and communication linkages between the country components led to the creation of the “Programmatic Communication Platform”

The PCP is now a sustained facility anchored under the current programme with participants from seven organizations from the two sets of consortiums in Mozambique and Kenya. To add regional relevance 2 additional partners from Tanzania and Uganda were included in early 2018

Hence the platform consists of communication staff from SusWatch Kenya, Livaningo Mozambique, ADEL Sofala Mozambique, Osienala Kenya, Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development, CREP Kenya, TaTEDO Tanzania, Umande Trust Kenya and SustainableEnergy Denmark.

The Programmatic Communication Platform is born out of a realization that working with communication on trans boundary issues like climate change and climate action provides a unique opportunity for CSOs to meet across borders to discuss effective ways and means to advocate for both local and global climate action.

The team meets physically once or twice a year and besides that, it holds regular online meetings to keep momentum.  By these means, the platform seeks to follow its aim of strengthening each other and develop new innovative approaches to influence decision-makers to take climate action.

Our Team

Velma Oseko - SusWatch Kenya

Jensen Shuma - Tatedo

Benazir Omoto - Umande Trust


Vincent Lidavalia - SusWatch Kenya

Clemente Ntauzi - Livaningo

Geofrey Omondi - CREP


Emily Arayo - UCSD

Anne Okello - Osienala


Reginaldo Mangue - Livaningo